long cashmere bathrobe

long cashmere bathrobe $398.00

Long cashmere bathrobe is made of beautiful  100% cashmere . It is available in many  colors. Caron Joy long and short cashmere bathrobes come in sizes S, M, L, and Xl. They are available for men and women.

Long cashmere bathrobe is that special treat you give to yourself or others . I love giving them as a gift . A special luxury ! Always welcome the soft touch of cashmere . It is a luxury fashion item. Customers call again and again to get our beautiful robes.

In the morning as i drink my coffee and read my newspaper I look great in my robe and enjoy the warmth.  I love my robe!  After my shower I put it on again and prepare for the day.

There are many wonderful colors to choose from. Lavender, Charcoal, Iris purple, black, off white, pink,amethyst, grey, teal, red, sky blue, to name a few. Women love to radiate and feel beautiful in what they wear.

Our Men’s cashmere bathrobe comes in size Xl. Charcoal grey and Grey are our most popular men’s color. Snuggle up to your man in his beautiful cashmere bathrobe.

Protect your cashmere by placing it in a bag or container. It is best stored in this way as it is a natural fiber. Contact

 short cashmere bathrobe

short cashmere bathrobe $298.00 Iris Purple







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  1. caronjoy

    Long Cashmere bathrobe is a fantastic way to keep warm and look gorgeous!

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