What is Cashmere?

What is Cashmere? The fleece of cashmere (or Kashmir) goats is made up of two distinct fibers: the coarse outer hair and the ultra-fine cashmere undercoat. The coarse outer hair is called guard hair. The fine undercoat is the source of cashmere fiber for clothing.

What is Cashmere? The fiber of kings, has long been one of the most exotic and rarest fibers to be found. The fiber is so luxurious that the Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament was lined and curtained with it.

What is Cashmere? Cashmere is soft, light weight, durable, very warm and makes wonderful feeling garments for wearing. It provides natural lightweight insulation without bulk. It is extremely warm as to protect goats from cold mountain temperatures. Fibers are highly adaptable and easily constructed into yarns. It’s high moisture content allows insulation. Sixty percent of the world’s supply of cashmere is produced in China and the remainder from Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, Tibet, Kashmir, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, little is supplied by the Kashmir Province of India, from which it’s name is derived.

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