Straw Handbag  The classic tote is not just for the beach. You can carry computers, and gym clothes in this versatile bag..! You can now use your tote for anything and everything. Today’s chic fashionista has a lot to carry and a busy lifestyle. I grabbed my beautiful straw bag to put my overnight clothes in  and off I went on my weekend getaway.

Straw Handbag in blue color

Wow ! This summer there are so many great bags to choose from. The big decision is which one to wear each day. I think its one of the most important fashion statements this season. Actually I think I prefer a great bag over a necklace to change up an outfit but either will do this season.

This seasons Straw Handbag comes in 2 different colors. When I run to the farmers market or grocery store it is perfect for carrying home the things I need to buy.