Yoga Mat Shoulder Bag is the most beautiful way to carry your yoga mat. You will look stylish and have the ease of carrying your yoga mat. These unique embroidered and decorative bags are sure to have friends asking you , “where did you get that yoga mat bag”?

Yoga Mat Shoulder Bag

Actually I love each bag so much I don’t know which one to choose. Choose them all!. It is so easy to grab my mat and run to class. I take it to the beach and use as a beach mat.

Firstly, the one on the left in the photo is called Natural Nomadic Sun will look great with my fabulous new dress! Casual and Easy #600 $ 116

Secondly ,the middle Yoga Mat Shoulder Bag multi color with tassels is for all my great fun outfits. It will look standout with everything!#500  $80

Thirdly,, a floral embroidered colorful yoga mat bag that will look great with my white jeans and t shirt. #70D $96

Finally, you should check out all our beach bags and embroidered handbags because there are so many beautiful choices. Every woman has things to carry so these unique artistic trendy fashion handbags are this season’s must fashion item.  They range in price from  $88-116





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#500, #600, #70D