Silky Pajama Set for Women


Smooth and comfortable to move in, this silky pajama set would be the perfect item for women that love to sleep in peace and in total comfort!

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Silky Pajama Set for Women


Women’s silky pajamas set feels and looks like silk but they are a rayon blend. Additionally, these pajamas have a fabulous man’s shirt style top with elastic drawstring pajama pants. Furthermore, they are available in many different colors. patterns and sizes.

First, I love lounging in the morning. I love going to sleep at night looking feminine .The comfort of the fabric against my skin feels so smooth. Best of all I have many colors and prints to choose from. Furthermore, how often do you treat yourself to new pajamas?. It’s a must! Also, during these times we are lounging more at home. Enjoy your next office meeting working from home in the comfort of your PJ’s, AKA lounge wear.

Secondly, Women’s silky pajamas come in size( 36 Small),(38-40 Medium),(42-44 Large). Additionally ,they come packaged in a beautiful envelope that makes them easy to store or travel with. The perfect gift, Ready ,set, go! Grab your little envelope packet and head to your friends for the weekend. I love so many of the colors and prints. One for each night!.For example, rich deep red paisley, or deep blues small geometric. Naturally, there is a print for all different occasions.

Lastly, these pajamas come in 100% cotton too. Check out our page of cotton pajamas. We have so many beautiful prints to choose from!. Contact for all your fashion novelty items.

slinky pajama pant blue floral

silky pajamas shirt with package envelope and pants are the perfect gift for all occasions



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