This great looking glove, and glove mitt version are the perfect glove this season 2015. Nordic Glove or the glove mitt is the perfect Fashion accessories for women 2015. Adding our Nordic glove will dress up your winter coat and keep you warm . When you’re walking the dog, or at the grocery store the glove mitt is the perfect winter accessory. Just roll back the mitt and expose your fingertips to do what you have to but keep your hands warm. The Nordic glove comes in many colors, burgundy, off white tan, grey, navy> You can shop, you can run, you can go to the bank atm with these great stylish gloves. Adding gloves to your wardrobe is a great way to spruce up your wardrobe and add something new to pair with your favorite winter coat. I love buying gloves each season and they are the perfect holiday gift. Contact http://www.caronjoy .com for all your women’s fashion accessories.


Nordic Glove 2015

Nordic Glove 2015

Nordic Glove Mit

Nordic Glove Mitt


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