Fleece Lined Tights

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fleece lined tights

fleece lined tights

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fleece lined tights

fleece lined tights

Fleece Lined Tights are the perfect women’s winter apparel accessory. They keep you warmer, look great, and can be worn with so many things.

I like to wear them with a dress and boots . They keep the cold away. I can wear them under my jeans for a day outdoors and know that my legs and feet will stay warm. I wear a dress most days to work .I know I look great and won’t be cold. I throw them on with a long sweater and boots . What did we do before fleece lined tights?

Noteworthy,black goes with everything and is the number one color sold. When I go skiing they are perfect under my outfit. Conclusively,whenever I want to stay warm, these tights are the answer! Having your feet stay warm is the best!Additionally,no more shivering.

Fleece lined tights must be in every woman’s wardrobe. They come in S/M  and M/L.  Once you wear them, you can never stop wearing them. In addition,they are available for kids too . Sizes 7/8 ,10/12, 14/16 in black.  Contact


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