Face Masks


face masks 100% cotton

face masks 100% cotton



Face masks

Face Masks .100% cotton ,fitted to provide full nose coverage. These colorful masks offer a great fashion statement while providing protection I need. Such beautiful prints and colors!

First, they have a great ergonomic fit. Additionally, they are washable. Furthermore, you can wear a new one everyday. Rotate and change depending what you wear or your mood. When I wear my black cashmere dress, or black leggings and black T, its easy to put a black printed mask on and look very chic! Jeans and a t shirt with a sweatshirt and beautiful blue paisley denim blue mask. The green prints make my eyes stand out.

Additionally, these beautiful printed textiles have unique designs. Namely, various sizes of floral, geometric, paisley, and stripes,etc.  With so many colors to choose, I don’t know which one to wear each day. Definitely match or contrast an outfit. I love that I can breath easily through the natural fiber yet I am confident that I have great coverage. Great face covering to keep away germs.

mask necklace

Furthermore, did you know we have a mask necklace that you can wear to hold your mask so that it is always handy? This is also the perfect gift to give with a mask. It clips to the sides of the elastic ear loops. Thus, you always have your mask with you. We have many styles to choose. The chain is short or long. Available in many colors and sizes.

Lastly, they are the perfect gift. Actually, now that they are a part of every day fashion it’s the perfect time to get several. Looking great wherever you go. Contact www.caronjoy.com for all your novelty fashion items. #facemasks #masks #mask #cottonmask http://www.caronjoy.com

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Face Mask F1

100% cotton full nose coverage


blue, green, orange, red, white, stripe, pink, soft green, background


large, small


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