Multi-Patterned Cotton Bathrobes


100% pure cotton, this cotton bathrobe is the perfect women’s robe for women that want to be comfortable in their own homes.


Cotton bathrobes. These fabulous prints come in many different patterns. Best of all they also come in many colors and several lengths. 100% cotton! Also, everyone loves cotton. Additionally, they are Unisex. Plus, they come in ankle length or knee length.

First, you will want one in every color. Next, you will want so many prints. Check out the contrasting prints around the neckline and belt. Unique,intricate, colorful dyed prints.Look at the teal, and ultramarine blue! Secondly, you will want different lengths! They are so beautiful. During these times while we spend more time at home it is the perfect opportunity to get yourself a new robe. Cotton bathrobes are the perfect gift.! How often have I sat and pondered what to get a friend or family member.The cotton bathrobes are a great choice.

Furthermore, they get better with washing and become super soft. Caron Joy makes 100% cotton pajamas too .Lounge wear is more popular than ever. Can’t wait to get off the clothes from the day and shift into comfort. Although, these days anytime is a good time to put on your robe. Writing your next novel, finishing your office report, waiting for your hair to dry, eating your favorite breakfast…

Lastly, contact  for all your fashion needs. Lounging just got better !







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Black, Blue, blue and yellow floral, Bright Blue, mint, pale yellow, seafoam, Teal, White, Yellow


55" mid length, 59" full length


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