Cashmere Ballet Slippers

100% Cashmere. Ballet Style Slippers. Currently available in pink and grey. Size 5/6,  8/9.

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Cashmere Ballet Slippers

Cashmere Ballet Style Slippers. 100% cashmere with a toggle to fit.  Currently available in pink and grey size . The sizes available are 5/6 and 8/9 . Check our other style of cashmere slippers for other sizes. These cashmere slippers have leather soles. These fabulous slippers keep your feet warmer. Snuggle in the warmth. I love my cashmere slippers ! I relax when I am in cashmere because you are enveloped in warmth. Your muscles relax.

Keep your cashmere stored in a box or zip lock bag. How to keep  your cashmere clean? You can wash with mild soap and towel dry in the sun. It is a natural fiber and moths like to eat natural fibers with any body odor. Ever wonder why cashmere sweaters end up with holes? You have to keep them clean with dry cleaning or laundry soap. H

cashmere ballet slipper with toggle adjustable

and wash or gentle cycle and set on a towel to dry. This will protect your cashmere along with keeping it enclosed.

If you are looking for great cashmere bathrobes, jog suits, sweaters, socks, scarves, slippers, gloves and blankets Contact for all your cashmere needs. 310-383-0831

cashmere slip on slippers

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Dimensions 15 × 4 × 12 in


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