Leggings! Who doesn’t love them?  Stretch and high waist are a must in everyone’s wardrobe now. Comfort, style, and practicality. I love them! So many colors. I keep updating my wardrobe because everyone wears activewear for all occasions. Our products fit many sizes.

Furthermore, why wear jeans when you have the comfort of leggings? They look more stylish too!

Additionally, Stretch fabric allows comfort while walking, jogging, riding my bike, exercising, sitting watching T.V, etc. Why wear anything else? Obviously, I have every color. We have great tops to match. No need to stress about looking good. Make your shape stand out. Pair with your favorite top!

So, whether you want long, Capri length, bike, or shorty short, we have something for you to choose. These styles shown are available in S/M (2-6) or L( 6-12). A fit for many bodies. I went hiking today and could see the heads turn as I strolled by. Cool just got cooler!

Furthermore, they are 60% Cotton, 35% Polyester, and 5% spandex. Black, Burgundy, Grey, Olive, and light grey. The perfect blend. Throw in the wash and dryer and you are ready to go. What are you waiting for!

Lastly, when it comes to looking fashionable, we have you covered. Browse our many different styles.  contact http://www.caronjoy.com for all leisurewear high waist leggings.




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