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“When we decided to sell our home of 16 years in BHPO, Caron was our agent. One of the great benefits of working with Caron is that she is also an interior designer so she gave us a lot of great input on prepping the house for sale as well as staging and the small details and accents to really make the house shine. We had an original 1930’s Spanish Colonial Revival that we were not sure how it would compete in today’s market with more modern designs and younger buyers. Caron was very diligent in picking very specific upgrades or accessories that would greatly accentuate the special details of our home while always keeping in mind a tight budget – so we weren’t spending a lot of money on upgrades that had no added value. We were very pleased with this process and absolutely believe that her efforts made the difference in the quality of offers we received and ultimately the speed in which we were able to sell the home. While going through the multiple offers we received, Caron’s perceptions and overall assessment of the buyers, their motives and the quality of their offers was invaluable. We are wholly convinced that this made, what is normally an exasperating and stressful process, relatively smooth and predictable. Caron has a gentle approach & demeanor and always maintains a positive frame of mind which is invaluable in keeping everyone on track and ultimately getting the deal to close!”