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Caron Joy is a wholesale company offering contemporary, trendy and unique clothing. About us-Caron Joy

Caron Joy  launched the first collection of apparel in the early 1990s creating colorful cotton knit coordinates for women that were selling quickly.Japanese fashion was new to the United States and through Caron’s exposure to Asia, she began designing casual coordinates with irregular hemlines, seams,quilting of fabrics layered one upon another, and beautiful colors. Stores like Fred Segal couldn’t keep them on the shelves. Stores like Bullocks, Neiman Marcus, Judy’s, Contempo began carrying her items. Caron Joy is always quick to spot a trend and the rest is history. Trend after trend was adapted and beautiful clothes were produced that women wanted to wear.

Caron Joy  grew into a successful women’s clothing line that appealed to women 20-60 that were looking for casual and dressy contemporary clothing that felt great to wear and looked fabulous. Everyone had to have the dresses. Madonna and Cindi Lauper were influencing fashion and accessories. Caron Joy added costume jewelry at this time which was the rave. Intricate embroidered lace flowing dresses and romantic floral prints, leggings, unitards , stretch velvets, and hand knit sweaters were all parts of the collections.

Caron Joy later opened a children’s clothing division that had that same appeal, great fit, beautiful fabrics and contemporary styling. Mixed prints, ruffled hemlines, stretch, tiers, stretch velvet and ornate stretch fabrics for special occasions, were novel and every young girl wanted them.

In 2005, Caron introduced the cashmere collections. In 2011 the company introduced the fleece lined leggings, tights, shirts  collection. Like the cashmere, they keep you warm and serve a purpose, while looking great.

You can always find something you want from Caron Joy.

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