A great women’s long sweater is hard to find.  This women’s Long sweater is available in off white, seafoam blue and rose. It is the perfect accompaniment to our leggings. Everyone wants a long sweater to cover  just the right places when you wear your fleece leggings. I love the warmth of this sweater. It is a combination with wool so it is super thick and elegant.  We paired it with our everyday compression leggings. I ran to take the dog for a walk, or out with friends for a drink and heads turned. It was perfect for travel , or running to the store. Finding the ideal top for leggings that you can wear with everything year after year can be difficult, but look  no further.

This great women’s long sweater comes in off white, rose, and seafoam blue in one size. It is heavy weight and elegant to keep you warm. Think Audrey Hepburn, and Catherine Deneuve, or Kate Hepburn. Throw it over your jeans, or one of our great leggings. This one is a keeper. $69 style 21519 . contact  http://www.caronjoy.com for all your fashion needs.

Women's Long Sweater

Women’s Long Sweater