Fleece lined shirt keeps you warmer ! I have been wearing my fleece lined shirt each day this week. It was so cold today I layered my fleece lined shirt¬† under my sweater which gave me extra insulation . I didn’t have to worry about feeling cold all day! Walking the dog just got easier!

My fleece lined stretch shirt came in handy the next day when I went to the beach for a walk and suddenly it got colder . Additionally, I was out one night last week and the same thing happened. I carried it with me in my purse and just put it on as the evening got colder .  Moreover, I needed an extra layer of warmth! So many women feel cold. Now there is a solution !!

Also, I gave my girlfriend one last week because she works at a medical office and they always keep those doctor patient rooms so cold and its great for her to wear under her medical uniform to keep warm.I have all the ladies ordering them at my favorite shipping drop off where the ladies in the warehouse tell me they wear them to keep warm. Of course ski resorts and every day customers rave about the extra layer of warmth. Because of its warmth, its great for the elderly.

If you’ve ever been cold you will realize the comfort of feeling warm and cozy wearing our fleece shirt lined shirt. It is available in black and comes in s/m and m/l. Wearing fleece has changed my life. I no longer have to feel cold all the time. If i dress with my fleece lined leggings and shirt I am assured an extra layer of warmth and they look great and fashionable. contact http://www.caronjoy.com

fleece lined stretch shirt

fleece lined stretch shirt