Fleece Leggings And My Morning Jog

Fleece lined leggings printed 2

Most morning, I like to put on a pair of fleece leggings and take a morning jog around the Westwood and Wilshire Corridor area.  The area is so beautiful with tall building that are uniquely designed to attract condo lovers.  The homes in the area are immaculate with tree lined streets and manicured lawns.  The air is always crisp and clean.  Some days, I jog around the perimeter of UCLA.  Other days, I like to jog around the neighborhoods.  The morning is filled with people hustling and bustling along.   After my jog, I get a cup of coffee at the Peets or Starbucks in Westwood Village.  A good morning jog in my fleece leggings is always a great way to start my day.