Beach cover up is the perfect trendy fashionable item to wear over a bathing suit. Actually, many of our customers love to wear them over their leggings, or jeans. Additionally, on a hot summer day, lounging at home to beat the heat with a beach cover up is the perfect way to stay cool. We have so many to choose from.

They come in beautiful prints and styles. No two are alike. I am in love with the colors. Sometimes I drape them around my neck like a scarf. Tres chic!. Just look at these colors and prints. Doesn’t it make you want every one. Well, they are priced right, one size and have so many uses. Check out our prints and order today. Great gift. Easy to pack. Look different every day. Cover up all those parts you don’t want to show. But parade on by looking your best. Best of all , these are 100% cotton. Of course, we have other styles as well. But I wanted to show you these because they are so unique. Whether I wear my red bathing suit, my black one, or white I will always be the talk of the pool when I walk by.

Additionally, you can pair them with one of our hats. So chic, so glamorous. Show stopper!. I love all these fashionable items you can find at Caron Joy!

Bathing suit cover up

Beach cover up

bathing suit cover up

Bathing suit cover up


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Here are some great beach cover ups to wear over your bathing suit. for more information contact