Beach Bag Embroidered is the trendy fashion item this summer

Beach bag embroidered is the trendy fashion item this summer. With so many patterns to choose from I don’t know which to wear first!

Summer is around the corner and your latest fashion trends are here. These featured handbags are the perfect new trendy fashion item to add to your wardrobe.


Firstly, with this accessory it is easy to dress up any outfit. I have a great black every day dress and this item is the key to making this outfit pop! Typically, I love to wear my striped a line short black and white dress with these handbags. In addition, I wear white jeans and a white t shirt so that each bag stands out as an artistic statement.

Secondly, adding this bag to any outfit makes a very bohemian fashion statement . I can change it every day to create a different look . I wore it with my jeans and  t shirt . Beach bag embroidered is the final touch, creating a great outfit to wear to the movie theater. Similarly, I take it to work and throw my computer inside and voila, everything is in one place. When I go to the gym, it is easy to put everything inside and go.


Thirdly, you must choose one of these bags and you will stand out in a crowd. This women’s fashion accessory stands alone this season as the number one trendy fashion item to have!  Embroidered handbags are hip. Best of all it is likely you will be wearing these bags season after season because they are so unique. Incidentally, all  can be used for the other seasons of the year too! Want to have your friends asking “Where did you get that?”

Lastly, Contact to find all the latest women’s fashion accessories.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers for the holidays. We have so many great ones in stock. We have ones with holiday cheer, glitter, in great colors and today we are featuring this great snowflake and reindeer hip and trendy legwarmer in Navy, Muted Green and natural to dress up any outfit. Wear boots, running shoes, calf or ankle boots and you will look unique and eclectic in your fashion statement. Lets find your favorite hat, gloves and scarves in something that matches or contrasts and you will look hip and trendy. These leg warmers allow you to get creative and enhance your jeans, or favorite leggings. I wear them with my fleece lined leggings and change a few times a week to wear with my great ankle height boots, and then my calf height boots. There are many to choose from. Contact us at for more . Dressing you in style 2015!

leg warmers

leg warmers

variegated fleece lined leggings

k, Caron Joy offers variegated leggings in so many colors, but now you can variegated fleece lined leggings. So now, I can keep super warm and have the great popular look of variegated fleece lined leggings ! They keep me so warm and I can run to the gym or out to the movies with my friends. I just throw on a pair of my boots and my jacket and hat and off I go. The variegated fleece lined leggings come in several colors. I love the beige and white ones and I throw on my great cable knit off white turtle neck sweater and hat with them. I look fantastic. This is great for the ski slopes, work, out with friends, or the store. I look stylish and never have to feel the cold chill of winter. They come in a beautiful deep teal green, natural, denim blue, charcoal as shown and a black white color. Contact for all your fashion needs. These are $34 and I have them in several colors. Keeping warm this winter and looking great is a great reason to shop

New Fall Fashion items

Check out our new fall fashion items starting to come in. We have these great slipper socks, active wear leggings and capri’s. We have a lot of specialty gloves, scarves and hats that are must haves for this fall season 2015. Here are a few of our latest items for you to check out. The knee high slipper socks add a fun twist to keeping warm. Pair them with your fleece lined leggings and you will have a great winter. This year we have all our great colors in basic fleece lined leggings, we have heavier weight fleece lined leggings in both prints and solids, and we have fake fur lined leggings. We still have our cable print fleece lined leggings in many colors. We have our unique fleece lined shirt which we developed since the fleece lined leggings keep you so warm, why not have a shirt to put on and take off to keep you warm. We will continue to post new fall fashion items that you are sure to love.

This season we have a lot of different scarves and gloves that you are sure to love. Check out all the new things coming in at for all your new fall fashion items, holiday gifts, and every day great looks and women’s accessories.

New Fall Fashion items, fleece lined leggings

New Fall Fashion Items, fleece lined leggings

slipper socks

slipper socks