Fleece Lined shirt

Fleece lined shirt keeps you warmer ! I have been wearing my fleece lined shirt each day this week.   It was so cold today I layered my fleece lined shirt  under my sweater which gave me extra insulation . I didn’t have to worry about feeling cold all day! Walking the dog just got easier!

My fleece lined stretch shirt came in handy the next day when I went to the beach for a walk and suddenly it got colder . Then I was out one night last week and the same thing happened. I carried it with me in my purse and just put it on as the evening got colder . I needed an extra layer of warmth! So many women feel cold. Now there is a solution !!

I gave my girlfriend one last week because she works at a medical office and they always keep those doctor patient rooms so cold and its great for her to wear under her medical uniform to keep warm.I have all the ladies ordering them at my favorite shipping drop off where the ladies in the warehouse tell me they wear them to keep warm. Of course ski resorts and every day customers rave about the extra layer of warmth.

If you’ve ever been cold you will realize the comfort of feeling warm and cozy wearing our fleece shirt lined shirt. It is available in black and comes in s/m and m/l. Wearing fleece has changed my life. I no longer have to feel cold all the time. If i dress with my fleece lined leggings and shirt I am assured an extra layer of warmth and they look great and fashionable. contact http://www.caronjoy.com

fleece lined stretch shirt

fleece lined stretch shirt


Fleece lined leggings in new prints

fleece lined heavyweight print leggings

fleece lined heavyweight print leggings

Our fleece lined leggings in new prints will look great whether you are coming of a ski slope, going for a walk, running to the gym, or heading to the movies.  Fleece lined leggings in new prints keep you warm. These are our heavy weight fleece lined leggings. We sell lighter weight printed brush fleece lined leggings as well as so many colors of solid fleece lined leggings.The cold weather is back and coming. Its time to get some new fleece lined leggings. I picked up a few new colors this year . I bought a few pairs of cable texture in solid colors. Something that looks a bit dressier. For the colder days, these black and white print heavier weight fleece lined leggings in new prints are the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe Black and white looks great with a lot of my tops and boots. I am excited to wear the new black fleece lined leggings i got that have horizontal zippers.  My fleece lined shirt is the extra layer I like to wear when I want to warm up quickly There are many  fleece lined leggings in new prints. contact http://www.caronjoy.com for all your fleece lined needs.

This will be a warmer year wearing “Get Fleeced” by Caron Joy


Fleece LeggingsWe have so many colors in basic fleece lined leggings for you to start stocking up to look stylish and warm this winter season. Never be cold again. Second skin. Caron Joy has so many accessories to keep you warm this winter. Check out our website and get ready to look your best this winter. Check out our flock fleece lined leggings. They will dress up any wardrobe and keep you warm!!

flock print fleece lined leggings

Flock print fleece lined leggings dress up any outfit. Here you have flock print fleece lined leggings in chocolate brown with an exotic floral print. Pair them with fantastic boots and a great black sweater and you are the most unique looking woman walking by. These flock print fleece lined leggings keep you warmer and looking great.! Wear them to a evening out with friends, shopping, out for coffee, to work or any event. Flock print fleece lined leggings keep you warm and looking your best!. I want them in every color and multiple prints. The flock print fleece lined leggings make you stand out in a crowd. People will be asking “where you got those leggings?” Apres ski, they are the perfect legging to keep you warm and walk around the ski village. Go grab dinner with your big warm turtle neck sweater wearing your flock print fleece lined leggings knowing you will be warm and looking your best. There are so many ways to dress up and stay warm and look fantastic in Caron Joy.Contact http://www.caronjoy.com for all your fleece lined leggings and unique fashion trends. You are sure to find something special at caronjoy.com

fleece lined leggings flock print

fleece lined leggings flock print

black sweater w pockets

Oversize black sweater w pockets

BRRRRR its so cold outside, I love my warm and comfy Caron Joy fleece tights! Get your fleece tights. Fleece lined tights are a great fashion item.

Things you should know about the wonders of the FLEECE material: Fleece is commonly used as an insulating material during cold weather, and is a common material used for jackets. Fleece material is extremely insulating and perfect for the cold weather.If you have been wearing fleece lined leggings, you must try tights.

Get your fleece tights! Our stretchable fleece tights come in sizes S/M and M/L and available in black.

Get your fleece tights! They keep your feet warm in your boots! They look great and no more shivering. Stay warm and comfortable.

Give a pair of fleece tights for your friends and family in this cold season. Once you wear them, you can’t do without them! Fleece tights are extremely comfortable, slimming and fashionable. The Holidays are here. Time for stocking suffers and treats for your family and friends. I wore them last night to the movies and after we had hot chocolate at the corner shop. I am going to wear them under my jeans to ski tomorrow.  At work I stay cozy and when I am sitting still and get cold I don’t have to worry anymore because i stay warmer.

Now that the big storm has hit, get your fleece tights!Contact us for all your fleece needs  http://www.caronjoy.com

Get your fleece tights.

Get your fleece tights.



Cable Print Texture Fleece Lined Leggings

When I want to change up my look with fleece leggings (which I love to wear to keep warm) I wear my cable texture leggings. I love my black ones with everything, and then change to navy and chocolate and light cafe au lait, or mocha. They are great with  boots and a sweater.  The look great, feel comfortable, and make a fashion statement during any season.  Keep warm in the Fall and Winter with beautiful leggings that stay fashionable all season long.  Easy to carry with you on vacation.  Leggings are a must have during those cool breezy nights.  On foggy and rainy days, cable print texture fleece lined leggings protect your on those frosty days.  004