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Fur Lined Leggings


First we had fleece lined leggings now we have fur lined leggings in all the same wonderful colors. Fur lined leggings keep you warm in the cooler weather and look great. Unlike the fleece texture which has the same warmth, fur lined leggings have a longer hair fur like lining inside the legging keeping the cold off your skin. The fur lined leggings come in many colors, eggplant, chocolate, black,charcoal, hunter, natural, olive, ruby,white,navy. They are like a second skin acting as a barrier to cold. I can wear them going to school, out with friends, for an evening out at the movies, to work. I always look great because I have so many colors to choose and the best part is they really keep me warm. Its a must for everyday . Having fur lined leggings to wear with all my great sweaters and boots makes coming up with an outfit easy. I want to give them to everyone I know. Once you wear them, there is nothing else that keeps you warmer. $32. Contact Http;// for all your fleece needs.

fur lined leggings

fur lined leggings



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