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ombre print leggings


Ombre print leggings are the look to have in activewear. The variegated color of these great leggings is picked up in a matching bra top which coordinates with these leggings. You can throw on a great white shirt and wear them to your exercise class or favorite sport. Ombre print leggings are also available in other colors. Our leggings are available in Blue, Pink, Blk/grey and coral. The colors start out darker at the top of the leggings, and fade to a light shade by the ankles. Ombre print leggings have a band at the waist. Our Ombre print leggings have an emblem . They have four way stretch(keeps the shape), flat seams(reduces chafing and smooth comfort) wicking helps pull sweat out and keeps you dry. These stylish leggings will turn heads as you walk down the street. These are activewear leggings that are wonderful t for running, jogging, yoga,walking, hiking,cycling,and everyday. Our ombre print leggings come in two sizes L(fits womens size 4-10)  and X (fits 12-16) L .Our ombre print leggings are $48.00 .contact


 ombre print legging blac

ombre print legging blac

 ombre print legging pink

ombre print legging pink

gradiant leggings

ombre print  leggings

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