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Leg Warmers

Leg warmers for the holidays. We have so many great ones in stock. We have ones with holiday cheer, glitter, in great colors and today we are featuring this great snowflake and reindeer hip and trendy legwarmer in Navy, Muted Green and natural to dress up any outfit. Wear boots, running shoes, calf or ankle boots and you will look unique and eclectic in your fashion statement. Lets find your favorite hat, gloves and scarves in something that matches or contrasts and you will look hip and trendy. These leg warmers allow you to get creative and enhance your jeans, or favorite leggings. I wear them with my fleece lined leggings and change a few times a week to wear with my great ankle height boots, and then my calf height boots. There are many to choose from. Contact us at for more . Dressing you in style 2015!

leg warmers

leg warmers

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