Chanel look purse

Spending The Day With My Son Part 2. This chanel look purse is perfect for every occasion. The metal chain strap, the quilted flap make a stylish statement. The Chanel look purse is a must have. It looks great with all your favorite outfits

Black handbag with chain strap

Black handbag with chain strap

I love spending the day with my son.  My son is my favorite fashion consultant.  As he is sitting in his baby crib, I ask him what looks good to wear.  Today, I was thinking of wearing a black dress with my classic black handbag with a chain strap.  I look in the mirror and realize that it looks fabulous.  Just to make sure, I turn around to ask my son.  He gives me a two ups, and I know it is going to be a wonderful day.



Semi precious look Earrings

These Semi precious look earrings look fabulous. Whether your eyes are green or brown or blue, these stunning earrings will. Semi precious look earrings with green stones that look similar to jade are the perfect statement to make


I love spending the day with my son.  Depending on my mood, I would wear different earrings.  When he was a baby, I loved taking him to the park.  Kids are so beautiful when they are babies.  They smell so fresh.  Their skin is smooth and soft to the touch.  They make those gaggle sounds.  And, when they smile, they just like up the room and my heart.  When I take strolls to the park with my son, I wear my jade look earrings with gold trim.  My semi precious look earrings with jade looking stones blend in with all the green grass and lush plants at the park.  The days are so pleasant.  The sun shinned bright.  The birds sung songs.  And the leaves shimmered in the breeze.  I loved spending the day with my son at the park.

Fleece & Studio City, Pacific Palisades and Westwood Village Farmers Markets

Fleece & Studio City, Pacific Palisades and Westwood Farmers Markets

Fleece lined leggings in so many colors

Fleece lined leggings in so many colors

The Farmers Market in Studio City is alway packed.  It seems to cater to families.  With a jumper machine and train to rides, kids can have just as much fun as their parents.  Parking is a bit of a challenge.  But, once you enter the farmers market, you transcend into a world of green.  Fruits and vegetables take on an art form like the artist that visit the market.  Just about everyone wears fleece lined leggings.

The Farmers Market in Pacific Palisades is cool and quaint.  You feel the breeze and the scent of the Pacific ocean as your stroll from local farmer to local farmer.  The sky opens up and cast a warm glowing light over a crowd of people tip toeing through an enchanted land.  Pacific Palisades is like a fairly tale.  The people are beautiful, the food is good, and the shop keepers are welcoming.  Like everyone, I maneuver through the crowd with my fleece lined leggings.

The Farmers Market in Westwood Village reminds of your college days.  The market is set at the entrance of UCLA.  College students are jogging, sitting in coffee shops caught up in philosophical conversation about some theoretical topic, and negotiating with farmers in their fleece lined leggings. Oh, you feel so intelligent with all that knowledge swirling through the air.  The carmel popcorn really makes my day.

So many farmers markets and so many colors of fleece lined leggings to enjoy them.

Fleece and Farmers Markets

Fleece and Farmer Markets


On the weekend, I like to put on a pair of fleece lined leggings and visit the local Farmers Markets near my area.   One of the original Farmers Markets is the Farmers Market at The Grove in Hollywood.  It is always packed with people shuffling from shop to shop.  The food is great.  But the artistic scene of the market is what makes it so appealing to visit on the weekend.  Formica countertops – big coke bottle caps – old signs that crackle with history – strolling around the market with my fleece lined leggings is like floating through a time capsule.  What a joy to get some fruits, vegetables and a waffle cone filled with some tasty ice cream while admiring all the smiling faces.

Fleece Lined Leggings and Bike Riding

Fleece Lined Leggings and Bike Riding

Fleece leggings in colors

Fleece leggings in colors

The days in Los Angeles are so beautiful.  On the weekends, I like to put on a pair of fleece lined leggings and go bike riding along the beach.  The beaches in Los Angeles have a bike path that stretches from Redondo Beach to Santa Monica Beach.  The ride along the beach is gorgeous.  The sun projects rays that touch my faces like a gentle glove, and sparkles on the ocean.  The sound of the waves crashing against the shore are soothing.  People calling out from behind – on your left – to let you know they are passing by with big smiles.  My fleece lined leggings make the ride easy and enjoyable.