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This company has great wireless bras and matching underwear. I have several designs and love the comfortpink tulle wireless braThis company has great wireless bras and underwear.

Red for valentines day! and lots of black and white sets too.!!

Cashmere Bathrobes

      Cashmere bathrobes are available in amazing colors Caron Joy offers ankle length and knee length and short mid thigh length to keep you feeling warm. They are great all year round.  After a  shower, grab your a robe and lounge around the house with a good cup of coffee and newspaper.  When traveling around the globe, take your cashmere bathrobes with you to stay warm and cozy.  Warm, comfortable and stylish, our bathrobes are tres chic and make a statement.

       Caron Joy cashmere bathrobes are 100% cashmere, very soft 12mm  2 ply Purchase some robes for the holidays and bring joy to your family and friends. Our robes make a great gift for those close to you. Our beautiful color assortment is very special. Wisteria, Iris purple, teal, orange, citron, red, burgandy, grey, charcoal, off white, seaweed, robins egg blue, lavender, soft pink, Christmas red, and Oatmeal.

The fleece of cashmere (or Kashmir) goats is made up of two distinct fibers: the coarse outer hair and the ultra-fine cashmere undercoat. The coarse outer hair is called guard hair. The fine undercoat is the source of cashmere fiber for clothing.Cashmere, the fiber of kings, has long been one of the most exotic and rarest fibers to be found. The fiber is so luxurious that the Arc of the Covenant in the Old Testament was lined and curtained with it.

Cashmere is soft, light weight, durable, very warm and makes wonderful feeling garments for wearing. It provides natural lightweight insulation without bulk. It is extremely warm as to protect goats from cold mountain temperatures. Fibers are highly adaptable and easily constructed into yarns. It’s high moisture content allows insulation. Sixty percent of the world’s supply of cashmere is produced in China and the remainder from Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, Tibet, Kashmir, Australia, and New Zealand. Today, little is supplied by the Kashmir Province of India, from which it’s name is derived.

Caring for your cashmere. Cashmere should be hand washed or dry cleaned. Moths love natural fibers so to protect your cashmere keep it in an enclosed bag or container.

Sit by the fireplace with one of your bathrobes and relax. Available S/M/L/XL Women’s and Men’s cashmere bathrobes .After Perfect way to relax after a long day at work.Take a nice warm bath with candles and reach over to wrap up with one of our cashmere bathrobe.$398 retail full ankle length 100% cashmere robe.           $298 knee length 100% cashmere robe.         $198 mid thigh 100% cashmere robe

Short cashmere robe

Short cashmere robe

cashmere bathrobes

cashmere bathrobes


Cable Print Texture Fleece Lined Leggings

When I want to change up my look with fleece leggings (which I love to wear to keep warm) I wear my cable texture leggings. I love my black ones with everything, and then change to navy and chocolate and light cafe au lait, or mocha. They are great with  boots and a sweater.  The look great, feel comfortable, and make a fashion statement during any season.  Keep warm in the Fall and Winter with beautiful leggings that stay fashionable all season long.  Easy to carry with you on vacation.  Leggings are a must have during those cool breezy nights.  On foggy and rainy days, cable print texture fleece lined leggings protect your on those frosty days.  004